Daniil and Maria are one of the most famous Russian couples in Swing Dance world.

Professional dancers, performers, teachers and choreographers known for their creativity and certain view of the dance. 

Both of them have started their dance path in 2009, Maria in the hometown of her - Yaroslavl and Daniil in Moscow. Starting with Boogie Woogie, later in 2013 they focused on Lindy Hop, which turned out to be much more interesting for them. 

Nowadays Daniil and Maria are well known in swing dance community, teaching and performing all around Europe and some times Asia. 

For their style they have a plenty of inspiration from all different old and modern dance and choreography philosophies.


«The main idea of our dancing is expressing personal feeling and understanding of the music through the dance. So to be able to express ourself more or less fully, we definitely need to have a very flexible and strongly built up instrument - couple dance technique. So we are much into technique and theory, but though it`s not the main goal itself. Our personal goal is the freedom of self-expression through the contact in the couple.

Five words to describe what we are going for:

Awareness, knowledge, technique, musicality, humanity.» 

Maria & Daniil, 2018

© 2019 Daniil Nikulin & Maria Philippova